NannoCLEAN Food Safe Organic Degreaser


Our Food Safe Degreaser cleans pots and pans of all types of metals without any need for abrasive scouring. You just spray it onto the dirt, wait 20 minutes or so and then wipe clean.

NANNOCLEAN can be used in food processing plants, kitchens and workshops alike. No job is to tuff for this dirt fighting industrial cleaner.

NANNOCLEAN is a food safe certified non-perfumed heavy duty biodegradable degreaser and general cleaner with a wide spectrum of industrial applications.
It was developed to address specific cleaning and degreasing needs in the food and beverage industry, but specifically so in food processing plants, but NannoCLEAN has proved to be much more than just a food safe cleaner. It has a very wide spectrum of industrial applications and can be used to degrease and clean ovens, grills, carbon, utensils, floors, industrial equipment, workshops, oils and greases, molasses, butamin, driveways (oil spills), walls, cars and any other hard surfaces.

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Industrial Strength

NANNOCLEAN Food Safe Degreaser was designed to clean food processing plants, hospitality and industrial kitchens, but it works just as well on mines, in workshops, or at home or for general purpose cleaning. This industrial product found its way equally well into facility managers & housewife’s hearts.

Versatile & Multi-Purpuse

Tired of buying different cleaners for different purposes? Not so with NANNOCLEAN. This one cleaner cleans food processing plants, industrial kitchens, industrial plants & mining equipment, floors, counters, pots & pans, removes oil stains from concrete, burnt-on carbon & grease, the list goes on….

High pH but Non-Caustic

NANNOCLEAN’s pH is between 12-13, making it extremely powerful. In fact it is 10million times stronger than pH neutral cleaners. Still, the advanced formula makes NANNOCLEAN non caustic – thus safe to use on most surfaces. This is one of many reasons people love NANNOCLEAN. In fact, we’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it.

Waterbased & Affordable

NANNOCLEAN is supplied as a concentrate which can be diluted with water up to 1:20, which makes this versatile food safe degreaser extremely affordable. Dillution rations differ according to application as per instructions, but the effective cost after dilution makes this versatile food safe degreaser economically

• Non-Allergenic
• Non-Asthmatic
• Does not irritate skin or eyes
• Non-Corrosive


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Dimensions 18 × 25 × 10 mm


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